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Mar 5, 2013
Metro St. Louis
Can't find the hot water heater bypass valve.

1998 Damon Daybreak.  Went through the boxobooks and paperwork that came with it.  There's 3 valves under the sink...  One of these?
Chances are all 3 valves under the sink are "it".  One cuts off cold water to the water heater, one cuts off the hot water line from the WH and the actual by-pass valve connects the two lines together when the other two are shut off.  To open the system for normal use, set the handles of the two lines to/from the WH so the handles are in-line or parallel with the water line.  Set the 3rd valve so the handle is crosswise to the line.  This allows water to flow to and through the WH and blocks the by-pass line.
If you have a bypass, it will be on the back side of the water heater.  If your water heater is under the sink those may be the valves.  There are 1, 2, and 3 valve bypass systems.  A photo of the valves in question would let us answer you more specifically.
Yes, I thought a pic would be helpful, but Chuckles has it parked where I can't get into it without mucking through some very soft yard.  Maybe later?  He's gone to Camper Exchange and I have no idea where he hid, I mean PUT, the keys!
My bypass valve is gray, right by the water heater. Another thing you need is 2 complete sets of keys. One for him and one for you. You surely can't lose both at the same time, or can you? ;D ;D  Just so you know sometimes the door gets locked when going out. Not fun being locked out.
As I recall the Daybreak is much like my Intruder (Same owner's manual)

Facing the fridge, to the right along the floor are some panels,  There is one with slotts (under the fridge) That's the furnace,  To the right (Rear in my case) is a small one (Water pump) and continuing in the same direction is a larger one.

Pull it toward you Gently (They pop off and on) and the valves are behind it.

That is if it is like mine.

Alternative location method.

On the outside find the water heater

The panel is on the inside.. Same palce
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