Motor home disintegrates during wreck

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Thanks for posting that Don.? Think now is a good time to point interested members to the Michelin's sight where they can view the videos.? They are very infomative and could save lives. The video can be seen HERE

Your welcome.
IMHO Those are excellent videos and provide some good information on how to care for the tires and what to do should a blowout occur.
Alaskansnowbirds said:
Saw this URL on a news group. Wonder how long the MH was and if the trailer with a truck on it had any effect on his loosing control. Looks like the driver hadn't viewed Michelin?s video on how to handle a blowout.

Glad everyone survived the wreck.



Wow, that's quite an eye opener! I would guess the trailer didn't help. I saw a travel trailer on the same highway that had jacknifed a few years ago. The whole front was torn off. Not nearly as devastating as this accident but the Interstates in Florida, as almost anywhere else, can be dangerous at times.

The videos were excellent, and I don't mean to argue with them at all, but what the heck do you do when you're on a 6% downhill grade, already on the brakes and still gaining speed, and there are no emergency run-off's - like driving thru Tonto National Forest??? Some of those grades are lvery ong and/or twisty. I know it only takes a second or two to recognize the problem and start to correct for it, but that can seem like a lifetime (and could well be). Maybe we should all have a little prayer tucked away and ready for instant recall. To be quite honest, the trip thru Tonto was quite beautiful, but I wouldn't do it again trailing a toad. That would be better as a long side trip IN the toad.
It all means "know your route" and "know your limitations and those of your equipment".
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