Motorhome (1995 Ford Searcher with 460ci motor) stalls, won't idle

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Dec 31, 2014
Driving me crazy.  At first very long in intervals.  Goes down the road nice.  Coming to a stop, the idle starts slowing and it stalls.  Last time out happened quite a bit.  Had the Idle Control Valve and the Idle sensor replaced but no go.  I've been advised to have the fuel filter replaced and will do that next week.  Taking the motorhome down to Fresno for my mechanic to look at it once again.  Won't do it all the time but last trip did it enough times to have me drive it home on the freeway to avoid stopping. 
I had 1995 F350 with 460 that stalled intermittently at idle/stoplight. Otherwise ran perfect. Shot the complete parts cannon at it over a two year period. I have a OBD1 scanner with some live data for that engine, no codes. Turned out it was the ecm.
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