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New member
Feb 4, 2007
I am looking for a small (28 foot or less) motorhome that will be able to tow a 5000lb boat.  Realistically the boat/trailer/gear will weigh closer to 7000 lbs.  Most of the motorhomes only come with a 5000 lb hitch, and looking at the GVWR and GCWR the numbers are generally 14,000 and 20,000.  Do you have any recommendations or thoughts, brands,models, etc...?

Thanks !

Dan Walters

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Jun 15, 2006
Bellville, Texas
I have a 1998 Allegro 26' Class A motorhome built on the P30 chassis with a 454 c.i. Chevy engine that has a GCWR of 19,000 lbs. and a GVWR of 12,300 lbs. which leaves a towing capacity of 6,700 lbs.  As you stated, the other problem is the hitch rating, which is only 5,000 lbs on my coach, even though it will tow 6,700 lbs.  I guess you could upgrade the hitch to a 7,500 lb. hitch to get the full towing capacity of the coach.  Hope this helps.

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