Motorhome to transport to another state

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Nov 3, 2012
Hi, someone told me this is the best place to post this.  I need to move to another state with my special needs son who cannot fly on a plane because of chemical sensitivities. We are looking to build a home back in the midwest which is where I grew up and currently live in the SW.  It would be too grueling to have him sit in a car for three days plus hotels have mold (generally speaking) and cleaning products to deal with.  I am not even sure what appropriate
pay ($) would be for this travel.  Possibly someone has lost a job but has a motorhome that they would like to earn $ with by making this 1800 mile drive.
If this is a possibility for any of you, please email me directly at:    [email protected]

thank you for your kind consideration of our situation 
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