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Nov 2, 2019
PancakeBill said:
RV's are the best way to go to festivals.  Get in, set up and you are there.  Host jams, have a place to go for lunch, you can't beat it.  These next 6 weeks as we are selling the home, and getting ready to move, we will be attending 2 major festivals, Grey Foix Bluegrass in Ancramdale, NY and then Podunk in East Hartford, CT.  At both I host Bill's Pancake Jam, and some of you here have experienced my pancake breakfasts.  They are becoming world famous. (well, someone in England had some). 

Anyone else get into the festival scene?  I love it, great way to spend close to a week.  In fact, some folks are already in line at the fest in NY.  Have been for a week.  Landowner is OK with it, and they get prime sites on the hill. 

Bluegrass is our thing for these events, but other genres probably do this too. 

Rhythm & Roots is another fest, this features many genres, from Cajun and Zydeco, to bluegrass to some southern rockabilly and blues.  Charlestown, RI in Sept.  We won't be going to this one though.

Anyone else?

I agree with you RV is one of the best ways to go to any festival.


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May 17, 2021
We don't have anything because of the covid restrictions. I like music festivals because you can meet there a lot of cool people. So tired of sitting home these weeks...
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