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May 12, 2006
Hello every body this is David from China , i am interest in RV and camping life , in China this products is new for us but i believe with the time going this is will  popular among people and become important part of their life .

Hope make friends with every of you, from you  i want know more about RV .

My msn: [email protected]

Hello, David. You can learn a lot about RVing from this group although I'm not too sure about RVing in China. Maybe you could enlighten us about RVing there? You should enjoy the group, lots of friendly folks who know a lot about RVs.
Hi David,

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll get all your questions answered concerning RVing here in the States and elsewhere. Just ask your questions.
Hi David and welcome to the forum family.? If you get an opportunity, some pictures of RVing in China would be really exciting for us to see!
Hello David, and Welcome!

We would welcome any information about RV'ing in China, such as: What is the most popular type of vehicle used, what type of facilities are available for rv camping, are there any travel restrictions between provinces, how expensive is gasoline (petrol) and diesel fuel? Anything you can tell us would be appreciated.

You have already made friends here on the forum, and we will help with any information we can. :)
Really appreciated your help , thought i am  far away from you , but this forum make us so close , just when i sit in front of computer when i open this forum just like a family every is kind .

Now RV in China is just beginning , and less  of peopele buy RV , one ,i think it should have a time for people to accept this kind of life , second , i think RV is not so cheap for every to afford , most of user would like to rent one than buy one, it is not convinient for them to storage the RV, travlling from one place to another place you have to pay fee, usually USD 1--USD 10.00. China is a vast country with big of landscape , and also now we have about RV exhibition here in China , with the time going and exhibition ,after a while i think RV life will be accept . Now only the richer and young enjoy their life , this may be strange for you .

i want to know , what is user of RV ? Old or young? Will they buy some other for there RV, such as portable toilet , portable fridge ? Usually this product cost how much they can afford?
Where do they buy this ?

My email: [email protected]
I would like to receive all of you and would like to make friends with you ,from you i can konw much of RV and from I you can know much of China , and also weclome to China enjoy the beautiful landcscape here.

Hope hear from you .

Have a nice day, erery one and enjoy your life every day.
i want to know , what is user of RV ? Old or young? Will they buy some other for there RV, such as portable toilet , portable fridge ? Usually this product cost how much they can afford?
Where do they buy this ?

There are a wide range of RV users.  It often starts with young families buying a tent trailer or small travel trailer or motorhome.  A large number of folks are retired individuals and couples some of whom even live in there RVs full time.  Hunters, sport fishermen, and motor sports enthusiasts often merge their hobbies with RVing to give them a base of operations.  A large number of construction and oilfield workers live in their RVs full time, moving it from job site to job site around the country.

Most RVs come with refridgerators installed in the unit.  Most trailers over 3 meters in length have built in toilets and sewage tanks.  Drinking water and 'grey' wastewater tanks are also incluided.

RVs have a wide variety of prices.  Small tent trailers come in at about $10,000 or less.  Full trailers seem to go from $10,000 to $50,000.  Self propelled motor homes range from $50,000 to luxury land yachts that cost upwards of $500,000 or more.  There is a large market in used RVs. 

RVs have an active loan market and loan terms run up to 10 years in term.  Our tax laws consider RVs a 2nd home, and make the interest paid on loans against them deductable item in calculating our taxes.


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