My first time MH so far, lol

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Nov 28, 2012
Hey folks,
I have found how to make it rain and stay cold in South a MH  ???

So far my "coach" adventures have included changing all the filters and fluids (checked the antifreeze and hydraulics). Checked and topped off the house batteries. Tried to figure out why the brand new cranking batteries went dead (to be determined on that one).
Spent the night in it while in the driveway. Checked out the motor by taking up both access doors in the bedroom and greased the water pump. 
Played with the electronics, still have unknowns about electronics ( like how do I get the surround sound speakers wired to the front TV and can't really see the speaker wires (need help on that one). Been to the camping show and Camping World twice, ordered from Camping World three times, got one of those new bat wing UHF additions but it's been raining or the wind has blown so hard I haven't been able to install it, lol. Took out both old TV's last weekend and bought new HD's. Working on the TV install now, no more converter box, yea.
With all the rain I found that there is water coming from somewhere around the door-frame because the edge of the carpet is wet on the bottom step, haven't figured that out yet. Took the VCR inside my house and it works great! yeehaa
This coming weekend.....rain, snow, sleet, hail I'm going camping (somewhere besides my driveway)!!

If anybody can help with where the water leak is suspected to come from and/or how to wire the front TV so the surround sound speakers will work, I'm all ears, lol
Happy Trails and spring weather,
Yep, ya got the bug bad....

Congrats on the new MH. Now you can pick a fight with the wife just so you can sleep in the camper... BTW, makeup sex in the MH is GREAT!
I am having the same issue with my surround sound. I am thinking it might be wired through the chassis stereo on the (aux) button but not sure. I really have not jumped too deep into it yetand the wiring in the A/V cabinet is a nightmare.

If you figure it out let me know...
These folks would not let me join because I had an Expedition  :'( , but this is another resource for your model specific issues. It's a fairly large group, apparently.

While our front cap was not identical to yours, we had a couple of minor water issues with the seal on the cap, and then another seal at the area where the bat wing antenna was mounted on the roof. The entry door awning mounts (if you have that awning) and the drip moldings are another source of water. We put the little spout extensions on the roof molding and that helped keep water away from the door.

It's probably good that you are getting all the rain and finding the leaks now.  :mad:
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