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Nov 3, 2012
Hello all, I am Nancy and yesterday I brought home my first RV, a 19'  2001 Carri-go by Dynamax.  I am newly retired. I have always been a tent campaer and am very excited to finally have an RV. I am thinking of this as my "starter RV".  At this time I know zero about RVing and by the time I'm done I expect I will know at least 3X that.  ;)
Actually everything that I know about RVs is theory, living vicariously through lurking in forums and reading blogs. 
I am sure I will bug you all frequently for your knowledge as I move through this adventure.
Welcome aboard! I finally gave up tent camping a couple years ago. It's just too hard sleeping on the ground these days - LOL...

Where are you starting from and where are you going?
First and most important, camp your first night in your driveway. There will be some important lesson to learn that is best learned at home.
Do not fret about asking "stupid" questions, you will be hard pressed to ask a question that has not been asked by someone before you.
A lot of us read here because we were born knowing everything about RVing that mattered and we just like to hear from those that were not born this way.
Enjoy the new travel.
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