N.CA with 16' Clipper

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Mar 18, 2013
Hi there,
We are located in Northern California and just purchased a 16 foot long, 7 ft. wide Coachmen "Clipper" model 16B. We have always been tent campers, but after some thought we decided we would like to go places even during the cold/rainy months. A travel trailer will give us that opportunity.

The biggest issue we had was determining what we could tow and not tow - we have a 2011 Kia Sorento, V6. At first we looked at pop-ups, but then realized we could tow something with hard walls for not much more $. Here in CA, coaches are much more expensive and they seem to hold their value...we were seeing not much in price difference between new and used.
Many travel trailer manufactures are now producing smaller trailers for safe towing behind midsize SUV's. We went to the local RV show, but found no special deals or "Show pricing" like we had expected. But we did get to see lots of trailers and options.

We debated between an Econ model, a Swift model, and the Coachmen Clipper. Since the Clipper had the larger "bike" door (so we could access the space under the lower bunk), larger tanks,  and the dealer was much more helpful & direct (and less salesmanish), we went with the Clipper.
It has a good sized conversion-type bed via the dinette and two bunks (nap space and storage). A small bathroom with a fan in the ceiling vent, stove, a/c, microwave, radio, etc. It's more plush than what I originally wanted (I was going for more rustic and looking at fiberglass trailers with more basic stuff), but I am happy about our new purchase.

I've printed several tips and check lists from the library to help us get started. We pick up the trailer this week!

Congratulations on your purchase. I hope you have fair winds and smooth roads. If you are near the coast, there are many state and county campgrounds you will be able to visit. Have fun.  :)
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