National RV "Tradewinds" good or not?

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Jun 21, 2006
We're looking at a 37' Tradewinds on a Spartan chassis powered by a 7.2L Cat 330 hp engine.  Other than amenities and fancies, is it a reliable, long-lasting coach?  I'd like to know more before I buy.  I'm not worried about the engine or tranny, just the endurability of the coach itself over the long haul.  I've not had any dealings with nor much knowledge about these coaches so if you know anything about them, share it with me........  I'd like to get one and keep it for many years, and drive many, many miles. I've got a good deal on one but wish I knew more about them.  This is part of my homework..........Thanks for any input!


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Apr 8, 2005

I am not sure how much this is apples to apples but we own a 2001 Tradewinds LTC on a Freightliner chassis that we have put over 33k in the two years we have owned it. We full time and purchased the coach because my wife loved the interior. We did some modification to the interior but have had little problems with coach or chassis so far.

I have also had good phone support from National when I needed it and have stopped into Perris twice for parts that they had in stock.

We intend to own the Tradewinds for at least another year and put many more miles in it.
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