Need a small concrete project

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I have almost 3 80# bags of concrete. It was left over from another project as i purchased too much.  I had the bags on the porch and alittle rain got to the bottom of the bags  so they broke open when i tried to move them.  So i need to use them for something but i dont know what. 

I thought about a bird bath but that takes too many forms to pour and it will just attract mosquito's .    Then i thought of just making some walking stones but that seems boring and again i dont have the forms to pour them.  Then i thought about a garden table since i have some pvc pipe i can fill with concrete for the legs and i can pour one solid block for the top, but that wont use up all the concrete.  Then i thought about making some tire stops that i can put behind the tires but that is a ton of weight and i already have wooden and plastic ones.

Whatever i  make it has to be removable as i plan on taking it with me when i move to another place (im buying some land next year).

Anyone got any ideas ?   


Rene T said:
Just dump it. Concrete isn't that expensive. Anything you build will be very hard to move

Unfortunately I cant just toss it in the dumpster, we have strict rules and the local dump wont take it unless its already cured.

MN Blue Skies

Site Team
Feb 18, 2014
I don't know if you live in a populated area but in my area I just put a curb alert on Craigs list with a note that it's first come first served and that I will not hold.  It's strange but the people usually show up after dark and it's almost always gone by morning. 


The thing is i dont have a container to put it in to put it on the curb.  With the broken bags it would just leak all over the place and make a mess.  Thats why i wanted to make something and go ahead and mix it up.  I can roll it over into a tub i have and mix it if i can figure out what to make out of it.

Ill think of something :)
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