Need advice on repairing MH

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Jun 26, 2011
Own a 2011 Vista 30W with 13K miles. Unit was in an accident several months ago. Just got check from insurance company for $16K after negotiations between dealer and insurance.
Unit requires considerable repair. The rear wall must be removed and replaced due to damage.  Removing the rear wall requires removing the entire inside back wall of the MH including cabinets, bed, etc on the inside, and the ladder, backup camera, lights, brake lights, bumper, etc. on the outside.  It will also require the "peeling back" of the roof and re-attaching it to the back.  Other less major repairs are required as well including fiberglass work, compartment door, etc.
The dealer will give me a 12 month warranty on all workmanship. Work and getting all the custom parts from winnebago will take about 4 months.
Though the dealer says they will fix ok ... is it smart to fix?  There is another unit for an additional $60K that would work well.  Though I really don't want to spend the $, am I likely to regret fixing the MH?
I am interested in opinions of others that have had similar major repairs.



Conquest aka Robert

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Apr 24, 2011
It's a tough call first does dealer have good rep have you BB him to find out.

Will winnie be ok with this shop or should it be done at the factory.

I would be a little concerned with trouble down the road.

As well as how much would this effect resale if you plan on it anytime soon.


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Jul 22, 2010
You do not provide all the economic details.

If the decision is simply get the MH restored to original condition for $16,000 or spend $76,000 to replace it, IMHO one would have the repairs done.

Once the repairs are done, will the rig sell for more than $16,000?  Being a 2011, I would suspect it should sell for quite a bit more than the 16k.  Fix it.  Sell it. Then buy a new rig if so desired.

Did the insurance company "total" the rig due to the damage?  If not, the above would be reasonable.  If they did, then all the above opinion is subject to challenge.

Also, if not at total loss, why would the insurance company not guarantee the rig be restored to its previous condition?

Many times if a check is issued and accepted by the owner cashing it, the insurance company is off the hook for the repairs.  Is that the case here?

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
Well, three years ago I had $50k in repairs done to my coach, including a new front cap and windshield, and we are very pleased with it. In fact, at least one thing is even better than new -  got rid of a rattle that nobody could cure previously!

The hard part is assessing whether the shop is competent to do that type of repair, which us more than just fiberglass bodywork. Are they experienced in motorhome repair? Can they point you to other customers who have had major damage repaired there?  If they appear competent, I would go for it.


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Sep 30, 2009
In the many years I've been driving I have had a few accidents.  I all ways take it to the shop the insurance company recommends.  If there is a problem with the estimate, or if there is a problem with the workmanship, I let the insurance company deal with the repair shop. 


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Jul 12, 2011
Tampa Bay, FL
I don't really see what choice you have as far as the decision to repair or not. If you sell it as is you will get killed on the value. Once it is repaired you could sell it or trade it on another unit.

Like was mentioned above I would want the insurance company and repair facility to work together and not receive the check myself. Often there can be cost overruns on the repair and it can be best to let repair facility work with insurance company to work it out. If you are unsure of the repairers reputation that is a little tricky. You may select someone else for the repair and they may want more money to do the job, then what?

If the frame is straight and the repair shop reputable you should be ok, if not, sell/trade it after repaired.
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