need advise for towing with jeep liberty?

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Jul 6, 2006
hi,very nice site..Michel 42 years old from Canada NB(french).new in RV.
I got a jeep liberty 4x4 2002 V6 3.7L 210 hp.with towing factory package
total 9900 pounds;max towing capacity trailer 5000 pounds. my jeep empty weight 3857.
I am tinking of buying a fun finder X-189BR.
hitch 250
DW 2660
GVWR 4200
cargo capacity 1540
OK now there is the fridge,Stowe BBQ propane etc... but no water i will get it full at camp ground. i would travel for the next few year justwith in 200 miles from where i live.. we will be only 2 adult in the jeep so should i put luggage in the jeep or the trailer?
is it realistic to tow this trailer with my small V6 ???
All advised would be greatly appreciated.
thank you all :)


Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
Based on what you report on GVWR of the trailer and the tow rating of the truck, your rig should do nicely east of the Rocky Mountains insofar as tow rating is concerned.  In the Rockies you will be OK,  just a bit on the slow side. Pack your luggage where ever it is convenient.  The trailer is probably best.  Just don't take up hobbies like amateur blacksmithing.  ;D

Do not forget to get a weight distributing hitch system and some type of anti-sway control.
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