need help finding replacement water inlet with check valve to match existing

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Jan 30, 2006
Tempe, Arizona
I have a slow leak in my city water inlet connection, looks like the seal is old and cracked, it leaks enough to be annoying.
The inlet I have is stamped LM 38166 RV.
I can't find this replacement with the 2 screw mounting holes, all the suitable replacements seem to have 3 holes in the mounting plate.
I have checked the Valterra A01-0172LF, and according to manufacturer - those have a 3 hole mounting plate (the photo does not show the entire mounting plate).
The mounting plate for the JR Products 9690-200-023 looks right - but it has plastic fittings, and a male plastic end to connect to RV, not the female I have now.
I went to Ace hardware, and checked the US Hardware City Water Inlet Connection no.  89594 | RV-318C, and it has 3 holes also.
I'd rather not change the mounting by adding 2 new screw locations, but as of now, I don't know if I have a choice.
Can anyone help with locating one like the Valterra, but with 2 mounting holes? I'd be very grateful
I'd just put some butyl putty behind it, and go with the three hole fitting. No need to stress about changing it.
If the dry seal is the hose seal, just put in a new gasket.  You can replace the whole thing for not too much $$$ if it is accessible both sides.
When does it leak? Is it when the water hose is hooked up OR is it when there is no hose hooked up and you're running the on board water pump?
How about one of these replacements?
thanks, but I had looked at those - they both have the male 1/2" connection to the inside rv plumbing.

it leaks with city water hooked up - behind the female connection on the rv, on the outside of the unit.

I think I'm just going to go with the 3 hole Valterra A01-0172LF, thanks for your help.
I too am thinking all you need is a new hose washer

THe new 3-hole type will (I hope) cover the old holes so nobody will ever see 'em. As someone said butyl tape if it's exposed. or a dab of GOOP in the holes smooth it let dry then butyl tape nobody will ever know you changed the hole pattern.. IN fact most RV manufacturers use parts tossed in a bin. You may well find another of the same make and model with a 3-hole bib from the factory.
joester said:
thanks, but I had looked at those - they both have the male 1/2" connection to the inside rv plumbing.

You could always get a female to female coupling to attach to the male part of this fitting.

Something like this...!2966!3!50916759717!!!g!!&ef_id=VeBVSQAAAEEFtzVo:20180928223927:s&gclid=CjwKCAjworfdBRA7EiwAKX9HeM5R2c-kyieUhK0Z_KfdpfZqSzBrwCnFPSjpyo1lTOgL4rk7Br2gWRoCH7IQAvD_BwE
Sounds like all you need is a new washer. Another member had the same problem 2 weeks ago and the washer fixed it. Make sure you get a washer with a screen. It will help stop grit from getting into your water system and clogging up your faucet aerators.
Had that issue this summer, while traveling.  New hose washer fixed it.  I picked one up at the Gcampground store where we were for the night.
Hose washers, both with and without the screen are part of my "small parts" kit. I have about 6 or 7 with the screen and about a dozen without.
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