Need some help figuring out solar!

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Yeah, I guess the solar panels are a lot smaller these days for the same output.

On my Class C, I have a whole 80 watts of solar panels, four large ones of 20 watts each! Put on more than 20 years ago and these days I only get a few watts out of them. They are cheap HFT panels from back then.

But I now carry a couple of decent small portable solar set ups. And I can face those towards the sun. A couple of hundred watts worth.

So I don't bother to change what I put up on the roof more than 20 years ago.

-Don- Reno, NV
You bet, efficiency has risen considerably since then.
Around 1,600 watts worth (in peak sunlight)just for the A/C alone.

Better have a rather large RV for that!

-Don- Reno, NV
And a trailer behind it towing the battery bank to store the power used after the sun goes down on that dark, cloudy day.

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