need to make a DOS bootable CD for WinXPMCE PC

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
I am trying to run a RAM diagnostic tool called windiag.iso, which I downloaded from Microsoft.  It requires a CD that boots to the DOS prompt, bypassing Windows entirely and then runs windiag.iso automatically.  BIOS is set to boot from the CD drive first, and this has been tested successfully. 

I don't have a floppy drive. 

I do not know if it is possible to make a DOS bootable CD from Windows eXtra Painful (XP) however many programs will make bootable CD's, notably NERO and Roxio (At least I think it's com) may be able to help you too (Checked url, it's com)
Windows by itself can't write a ISO to CD-R, but there are a number of programs available besides the 2 that John mentioned.? MagicISO is one that I have used and the trial version will do what you need.
I have Roxio.  When I click "make disk bootable," I select "bootable image on hard drive," since "bootable floppy in A drive" doesn't exist.  Then it has a Browse button to "select an image by clicking the browse button," and I don't have an image to select.  That opens a file directory screen, and the default is a file with the .img extension.  I don't have one.  I tried reading their help file, but it didn't help beyond parroting the menu items.  Additionally, it doesn't address booting to DOS.  I have a boot disk, but it boots to Windows.  That was one thing I used to guard like gold was a bootable floppy.

I have going in another window.  Great site.  I'm assuming I have NTFS.  I don't want to do anything but run a RAM diagnostic, which will be on the disk.  I take it .iso files run automatically on the boot disk? 

Back out to

.ISO files are an image of the CD.  You have to use software, like Roxio, to copy the ISO file to a CD-R disk.  You don't need to worry about making it bootable, as the .ISO file already has all the files to do so.  I don't have Roxio but look for called something like "Burn Image" that will copy the .ISO file to the CD-R.
Ned:  I thought that was the case, but when I put the CD in the drive and reboot, the computer doesn't recognize the .iso file.  I have another .iso file that's just for testing the RAM, and it doesn't recognize that one either.  I'll recheck the BIOS.  The drive does recognize the CD during bootup.  I have booted with the restore disks I made when I got the computer.  I have Roxio.

??? Perhaps this might help? :-

Using Roxio Easy CD Creator? 5.x

Roxio Easy CD Creator provides support for burning ISO images using the 'Record CD from CD Image' feature.
Start the 'Record CD from CD Image' feature.
From Easy CD Creator's File menu, select Record CD from CD Image.

Open the ISO image.
In the file open dialog which appears, select the ISO file you downloaded. Click Open.
Note: You may need to select 'ISO Image Files (*.iso)' in the file type combo-box to see the ISO files on your computer.

Write the CD.
Easy CD Creator's 'Record CD Setup' dialog will appear. Click Start Recording to create the CD.
The above instructions will create a CD using the default options. If you need to customize the CD writing options, please consult Easy CD Creator's documentation. 
You don't copy the ISO file to the CD-R, you must use a program to create the CD from the ISO file.  Follow the directions in the previous message as you have Roxio, or get MagicISO program and use the trial version to create the CD.  MagicISO is probably the easiest to use.
@#$% wifi at this campground.  It keeps losing the miniscule signal they provide on rare occasions.  Those campgrounds-with-wifi  on the lists may or may not be telling the truth .  This place rarely has it. 

But I digress.

The guy who sold the software with the .iso file emailed a suggested website that said:

1.  Right click on the .iso file.
2.  Left click on Open With
3.  Select the Roxio software, or browse for it (which I had to do)
4.  Roxio opened a nice little boot CD burning window, and all I had to do was click on the red record button.

I did the same steps with another RAM testing .iso from Microsoft, and I notice the Roxio link stayed in the Open With suggestions.

It was fun working with DOS commands for a while.  Like riding a bicycle...

Re: Wi-Fi at campgrounds.... There is a company which caters to us hams MFJ. they have a product which might help. MFJ-1800 antenna.  Of course your wi-fi card needs to be able to use an external antenna to use this device and a review of it I read suggested it is kind of delecate and should be housed in a 3" PVC pipe for its safety.

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