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Mar 10, 2009
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Okay, here;s the inquiry. I own a 2005 Vectra 40FD. The carpet is beyond cleaning and needs to be replaced. We don't want to go to hard floors. This MH has four slides. I have a quote to replace the carpet and padding throughout. including the rear closet, drivers compartment and all step wells, including a few new runners made from the leftover pieces. I would like to know if you think the quote $2700 is a reasonable price for the work that needs to be performed?
Sounds reasonable enough if they do a quality job. Putting carpet in a motorhome - and getting it right - involves a lot more work than in a stick house. Do these folks know anything about carpeting motorhomes?
I will descent here. That seems a little pricey considering the amount of carpet to be needed. Did they quote a certian number of hours of labor needed? Or tell you the labor rate per hour?

See if they will break down the quote for labor and material, then you can shop it out at a few other places. It just may be reasonable.
The quote is from an RV repair center, who does regular RV renovation.  The quote does not include removal of the Tile in the Kichen and Bath, we are leaving that as is.  The Labor quote is 16 - 24 manhours, plus the cost of the new carpet.
So if I use 20 hours and $90 an hour thats $1800 labor.  40 yards of carpet at $25 a yard (includes pad) is $1000.  Getting back to my original question then the quote is reasonable.  That's what I really need to know is the quote in the ballpark?
I had the carpet dyed in a Motor Home I had years ago. They had to dye it a darker color but it worked out really well. I'd check local internet to price having the carpet dyed. I was surprised with the results and one of my concerns was that the dye would come off the carpet and onto my dogs, but once it was dry the dye didn't budge. Just a more cost effective alternative. Good Luck.
I would say it depends on where the work is done.  The local RV remodel shop that recently did my residential fridge swap is presently removing all the carpet in my Journey and replacing it with a luxury vinyl wood-look flooring.  They estimated $1,500 which includes the new flooring, leveling/sealing the subfloor, and getting under my big slide to cover the existing metal runners with a fabric that will prevent scratching of the new floor.  I thought this was very reasonable. 
Based on the Cost differential of Allure Laminate Flooring to Carpet (Dupont Mohawk SmartStrand is about $25 a sq yd.  An area of 40 sq yds would produce a cost difference of $1000.  These are all estimates, but carpet is more expensive them laminate flooring.  Therefore, I'm leaning toward believing my quote is good and fair.  Thanks for all your responses, they have been extremely helpful.

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