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Mar 12, 2005
After using the new forum for a couple of days, I found that clicking "Show unread posts since last visit" keeps me from going thru each section and checking all. What's bad about this is that everytime I look at a thread and then go back, there's a new message in another thread and the lineup keeps changing. I get confused and can't figure out what I've read and what I haven't. In addition, when I click the "next" button, instead of going to the next unread message thread it goes to the next thread in the section of the thread when I clicked "next". Then I have to go back up and click the "Show unread posts" link again. I feel like I'm going in circles. At least in the old forum when I set it up for unread messages it came to the first unread message and when I clicked next it went to the next unread message.


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Mar 1, 2005
Goodyear, AZ

Ned taught me the trick of the trade. When you get the list of unread messages, each message has a "NEW" icon at the end of the description. Click on that, it will get you to the part of the thread where the new message is. Continue down the list of new messages to the end, then click "back". It will return you to the list of unread messages and you can click on the next topic and repeat.

If you are using Firefox, you can also click on each one of the "new" icons opening each topic in a new tab, then close them as you read them.


Jan 13, 2005
Appreciate the comment Bruce. Give us a little time and we'll publish some short cuts that will help you be more productive. Some of them exist in various topics here, but they haven't been pulled together for easy access. We also haven't yet stumbled upon them all.  I'm not sure  if they will completely answer the issue you raise. But, personally, the improvement in download speed, even on my 4Mb/s cable connection, allows me to be much more efficient here. When I'm on a cell signal, as I was this weekend, there's just not comparison.

But we could take a vote to see how many folks want to go back.

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