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Mar 2, 2005
SIERRA VISTA, AZ or on the road.
In late February I send three different flag companies requests for pricing on new forum flags.  Uncommon USA, Inc.; Flags on the Go; and CVS Wholesale Flags.  The spec's. one each are:
1. Certified made in USA.
2. 14" x 20"
3. End hem at least quadruple.
4. Top and Bottom hem at least double.
5. Grommet end reinforced with extra binding.
6. Non-rust grommets with at least a 3/8" hole opening.
7. Three color non-fading.
8. Single sided.
9. Bid on 12 and on 25 for the first order.
10. Include shipping to 85635/
11. Retain pattern for at least 1 year.
Today [March 23rd] I received the first quote.  It is from Flags on the Go [the company we have bought all the other orders from].  The set-up is $140.  The cost for 12 is $51.53 and for 25 is $31.20 each.  Total cost for the first 25 would be $36.50 to include the set-up fee.  No shipping as those people moved from Quartzsite to just a few miles from us here in Sierra Vista.

Tom - would you mark this as a "sticky" so I can add to it later?


Jan 13, 2005
Good news Fred. I went ahead and super-stickied the topic, so it doesn't scroll down the page. I also posted an announcement here directing folks to this topic.

Please put us down for a flag.

Thanks for doing this for us.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Is the flag background all yellow like the previous one or is it a yellow circle on a blue square, like the forum logo?  A picture would be helpful, unless the flag is identical to the logo. Well almost identical, since the flag is  rectangular and the logo square..
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