New from Northwood: Northwind. A lighter weight TT line.

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Oct 3, 2005
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I just found out a couple of nights ago from a sales rep at Valley RV about a new light weight TT line from Northwood Manuf that isn't quite available for purchase here as of yet. The 1st model they have released for production is the 20ND. I 1st surfed the net and noticed all the units available are on the east coast and I couldn't find much info on them but was able to see some pics. They really look nice and as far as I can tell, have the same fit and finish as other Northwood TT's. The 20ND is a model similar to the layout of the R-Vision Trail Sport TS21RB with a double bed with a bunk in the rear and a u-shaped dining/couch combo up front.

Northwoods website doesn't yet show the model line and so I called them direct to get some info and a brochure. The 20ND has a dry weight of 3340, carrying capacity of 2660 with a gross of 6000. Hitch weight is 280 which makes it great for my 1/2 ton Trailblazer where it won't add too much weight to my payload capacity.

I'm glad I found out about this now and not after I purchased something else. I kinda wrote off Northwood because they didn't have what I wanted, in the weight that would fit my TV. This model is now added onto my list of potential TT's that I would like to get, with the added attraction of Northwood quality. I can't wait to see this model, but Bud Lewis at Northwood said the next delivery for my area won't be going out until late April. Well, good things are worth the wait.

They are also looking to manufacture other models with a 27 footer being the next release.

Here is a link to a dealer that has one and it contains some pictures. [url [/url] I'm assuming why they are available in the east is that they are being manufactured at Northwood's plant on the east coast.

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