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Jun 29, 2012
I'm Michael, and I am in the process of reducing my lifestyle to fit into a RV.
Bought a used Montana, and live in it while helping out with mom and dad.
Sister says I need to get out of here, and take a vacation.  Aint much on
winter camping, but maybe it's time to break out of the comfort zone.
Ex art teacher, guitar picker, song writer(sometimes), love dogs and cats,
single, and over 60.  Just want to say hello, and to see who's here.
Welcome, Michael. You haven't told where you're from and where you might be interested in doing your winter camping, and I'm familiar enough with you rig to offer input.

So, what more are you willing to share about yourself?

Thank you for your reply.  I live in Texas, and do not want to be cold for the winter.  As a full time caregiver, my siblings are suggesting that I get my ass out of here for a while.  I was thinking South Padre, but that sounds like everyone else and their dog would be, so maybe I will wait for spring.  Just don't know. As far as the sharing, just ask. I'm honest.
Sorry, Oldmann, my post should have read that I'm not familiar enough with your rig to give you solid input about winter camping. I guess I'm wondering how far you're willing to travel for your vacation? I'm wondering if LA, AL or MS is too far. Are you wanting to just 'be warm' or are you wanting to lie by the beach? I'm sure there are other Gulf Coast locations you could go to that won't be crawling with snowbirds, beautiful people ( you know what I mean...not just the plain folk like you & me), and/or pets. If you can narrow down what you're looking for you may be able to get more input from forum members. Good luck with your search and happy travelling.
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