New mandolin to bring with me

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Sep 15, 2018
Seattle USA area
I always have a guitar with me on our RV trips and my wife doesn?t mind me playing as much as I want. Just got a new (used) Collings MT-O mandolin though that I?ll also be bringing with me. I?ve played mando on and off for a decade or so and am playing it (?rhythm? only, so far!) in my band. Really enjoying this instrument though ? such a great sound. I?m not much of a bluegrass stylist ? prefer country-ish and more pop/rock stuff, but it?s all good.  I don?t play loud at all when I?m outside our motorhome but I won?t mind at all if I touch base with another mando or guitar player anytime on one of our trips and we can play some stuff together. They sure blend well.
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