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Nov 5, 2012
Lakeside, CA
Hello everyone.  My name is Robin and my husband is Gary.  I found this site while researching a satellite dish for our Weekend Warrior.

We are in the process of selling our home in Lakeside, CA and moving to the Forth Worth area of Texas.  Because of the impending elections, things are at a standstill here in SoCal.  I had a botched try at selling my home this summer but I'm hopeful that after the holidays we will get 'er done and be on the road.

I have lived for 40 years in my home (inherited it from my mom) and we've been busy clearing out stuff and getting ready for the move. We started in January and are ready to go.  Less is truly more!  I feel much lighter.  We've sold, donated and given away much of our stuff.  If it does not fit in the moving's going to Amvets!

We have a 30' enclosed gooseneck moving trailer that my husband will tow and a 19' Weekend Warrior that I will tow.  We will live with that configuration as long as we want to.  We plan on taking our time getting from SoCal to Texas with many planned stops on the way.  We will be debtless and homeless!

If it takes a few months to get settled in Texas....we'll do just fine in our trailer.  We are seasoned campers from years in our local desert.  I mean tent camping out of the back of our trucks!  So a 19' trailer will be just fine.  We'll have our coffee in the morning and a shower at night.  So here I am on the RV forum looking for neat ideas to make our trip like home.  A sat dish is on the list, as well as a laptop. 

I look forward to many insightful conversations as I join this forum! 

Robin  :-*  and the husband Gary  8)
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