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Jul 22, 2006
We've been a "camper" now over 25 years, 11 years with a tent, 3 with a 22 ft travel trailer (tt) and 11 with our 1988 twenty-six foot "Paid for" tt. This forum for RV'rs is a great idea. Like most forums it combines the latest technology (computers) with good old-fashioned communication over the miles. Even a dial-up system in gramma's trailer or a laptop in Uncle Beaner's multimillion dollar coach can chat with other folks around the world to say the least around the country. Thank you to the administrators and maintenance crew of this site. Now a little about myself and my wonderful wife of 25 years (June '07). She's an RN and I a design engineer. Currently residing in Western NY, we camp all over western NY with our Camping Club, the Thundering Herd, affiliated with FCRV/NCHA. I collect a modest paycheck from Colton RV in the parts department (at the counter and on the phone) helping other campers. A lucky soul I am, to get paid for doing what I love and helping others too, just like my wife. I've learned much over the years that I'll pass along when the situation warrants. From time to time I'll pass on my comments; like the best way to stop trailer sway is to gently (trailer) brake. Another, and this comes from tires engineers I chatted with years ago, want better gas mileage and unit handling, over inflate all tires 10-15%. You're not going to treat an empty cardboard box the same as you would a full one, you're going to strengthen the bottom with something (wood ,cardboard) to support the load and extra weight of the load. Tires are the same. An RV or camper as I prefer to call'em is the same. Add gallons of water, it's extra weight. Heck even a pillow from home weighs something, now add a families bunch of pillows. Think of tires in comparison to a water balloon and a bowling ball. In the balloon filled with air (a gas) the water moves around creating turbulence and air expands as it heats up from the moves around from under-inflation. The surface contact area of the water balloon is much larger than the bowling ball. This contact area upon movement creates friction (resistance) and slows down the vehicle's movement. The ball has a very small surface contact, thus greater efficiency and handling. I always tell new campers, think of the Unit as a refrigerator in water. Although ones mass (water) and ones a gas (air) they act/react the same. Control the flow and you'll really go.? Give the unit lots of room on the road and control the air, in and around the vehicle to say the least, around other vehicles too. Use an air deflector up on top. Close windows, only open them a crack and use the vents.? RECREATIONAL VEHICLES; Where ever you roam, you're always at home.    That's enough for now, many happy trails. Richie


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Hi Richie,

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