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Oct 22, 2006
Hi Everyone!
? ? ? My husband and I are in the? research phase of fulltime rving... part time to start, full time down the road? rig choice and size? etc. etc. etc.? there is so much good info here that I haven't needed to ask anything yet,? that isn't already answered here...? What a great and helpful group you are???? ?We? are in the process now of selling our home in Florida and will be relocating to Az. for my husbands health and from there will make the jump to rving.? I'm ready to chuck it? all now and do it,? ?but a cooler and probably wiser head has prevailed? ;-)? We are proud to 'be aboard' and thanks to everyone already for sharing all your hard earned knowledge....? ? ? ? ?Magnolia44


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
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