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May 26, 2024
Good afternoon everybody we just purchased our first travel trailer, moving up from a pop-up. It is a 2021 Riverside retro. Great little camper great price. We have never had a travel trailer and any advice that you could give us would be great. I do have a question though, on the back of our travel trailer is an area where there is once a rear-view camera. Of course there is no camera there now but when I take the little rubber flap off I can see wires in there. I tried to pull them out today but they seem like they loop back together not 100% sure and didn't want to break any seals on the main bracket that holds the camera. My question is this if those are indeed wires to power and or transmit video how would I know what kind of camera that I would need to put in that. I will attach a picture of that bracket and maybe somebody out there recognizes it and can help me. Any other help or advice would be much appreciated and well welcomed.

PS that little hole in the upper right hand corner that looks like it would be some kind of jack for something to plug into there is nothing back there so that's all I got thanks for any help.


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Afraid I can't help much with the camera part but would like to give you a hearty welcome from WI.
if it's a trailer check at the front to see if you have wires there to connect to the tow vehicle.. IF NOT then if there are just two wires they are power.. Likely run off either the Back up (Aux terminal on 7 pin plug) or tail/marker circuit (hopefully Tail/marker) and any "Wireless" camera will do fine. provided it is a "Trailer" design. Then you use a tablet up front "Watch" the camera.
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