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Dec 25, 2012
We are so new to this.  Complete surprise.  Its new to us but not new.  We have 1997 Four Winds Chateau Sport class C.  Mileage is less than 30k.  I have gone through all the manuals and warranties and there are somethings I can't find.

Me, being the wife, wants to know how many gallons of gas does the rv hold?  What will it cost to fill it up and how many miles to the gallon?
We are also a homeschooling family and am super excited to get it out on the road!

Other questions we have...we need to find two small flat screen tv's without breaking the bank.  How do we do wifi while on the road? I have a hotspot on my phone if that helps?  We also have the wii and a roku box.

Any help would be appreciated!
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You can find the volume of any rectangular tank by multiplying it's length x width x depth.  Do this in inches and you'll have the volume of the tank in cubic inches.  A US gallon contains 231 cubic inches, so divide the result by 231 to get the tank's capacity in gallons.

This works for the fresh water tank as well as the fuel tank.  Waste tanks slope from one end to the other, so measure the depth of both ends and take the average.

Depending on the age of your kids, perhaps you could give one a tape measure and send him underneath the rig to do the dirty work.  And/or have them figure out the volume as part of a math assignment.

Mileage will vary according to your driving style.  Drive at moderate speeds with a light foot on the throttle and you may get 10 MPG.  Drive it like your car and you may be down to 6 or 7.

For flat screen TVs, go down to Walmart or another retailer and see what they have.  You don't need special 12  volt sets - regular TVs will work whenever you're plugged into AC power, and when you're not you can run them from a small, inexpensive inverter.
Welcome to the Forum!

WiFi is often available in commercial and public campgrounds, not always free, and not always reliable. It also is available in many public areas, but away from where you might be parked, i.e. McDonalds, public libraries, etc. MiFi hotspots are available from most carriers (we carry both a Verizon and AT&T) and can get pricey if you use them for streaming, but for general web work and mail, they are not so bad. Your phone may or may not be able to be tethered but your data plan may not support the kind of use you need. Check your plan and carrier.

There are numerous posts here on the benefits of carriers, hotspots, tethering, etc. that can be found using the SEARCH function. Lots of other information on other topics as well.

Enjoy the journey!
Wal*Mart would be a good choice for the TV as you will probably go past one very day of your travels.  Depending on the size you need they would be around $100.  And since the stores are everywhere, if there is a problem, you could return it to another WM store in a few days or weeks.  Very convenient.

In our travels, we have relied on places like restaurants and libraries for Wi-Fi, quite a bit.  By far the most reliable, and convenient, is McDonald's.  It is fast and works very well and they are everywhere.  We often take a break in the afternoon and stop at a McD and go in and have coffee while we check mail and look at maps of how to get to the next stop or campground.  We even used to carry a battery operated printer so we could print things out when we got back to the trailer.

Whatever you need, you will find available.  There is quite a community of people doing what you want to do and the support operations are set up.
I wonder.  Can I just buy a computer monitor to use with a dvd player and the wii?
I don't think the Wii or the DVD player are set up to use a computer monitor, which uses a different interface than a TV.  In  any case, the cost for one vs. the other is about the same.
Seems like it would be more practical to buy the cheap TV and then you can also use it as a monitor (VGA cable) if you like.  You could stream Netflix and the like, on your laptop and send it to the TV, as a monitor.  I think that you need a TV tuner to use a set to receive TV signals.
Welcome! most state park lodges have free wifi - we usually just stay in the parking lot for an hour or two and catch up on online needs.

Lots of great online resources for your homeschooling  with the merlot, spartacus, & teaching tolerance websites.
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