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Apr 17, 2019
NE Florida
Hi everyone. I purchased a 1989 Georgie Boy Cruise Master 27 foot RV 2 weeks ago.  We upgraded from tent camping as my wife is disabled and was having issues with sleeping on an air mattress on the ground and without having AC due to her disability.  I expect to have a lot of questions as this RV sat for about 6 months and has some problems that I have already found.  I am able to do most fixes myself since my teen years thanks to my step dad who was a professional mechanic.  Hopefully I can be an asset to the Forum along with getting answers to my own questions.

Thanks for all you do for the RV community.


Well-known member
Sep 28, 2018
Welcome to the RV Forum wjgilson,

Don't be shy about jumping in with your answers if you feel you can help. And of course your questions are always welcome.
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