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Apr 19, 2006
We're thinking of getting a screen room to add to our awning.  We are full-timers and would love to spend more time relaxing the warm CA sun without those pesky misquitos!!!  Does any have a screen room brand they would recommend over another?  I'm not worried about the hassle of the set up and take down as we stay in one place for awhile.

Any advice is appreciated.


John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I have considered those but IN MY CASE have decided against it

The major reason is my MH came with a cute little automatic awning, I'm not sure if this is better than the manual kind or not but it does present some "problems" so as to speak with accessories that connect to the awining, Stuff like  the screen room you cite, my sun-shield (Basically one wall) and awning lights.  I've solved the problem (more or less) for awning lights but they remain for the other items.  This type of awning has a wind sensor and when the wnid blows more than x miles per hour (x is whatever the sensor is set to) it retracts the awning, your lights, your screen room, your sun shad your.. Whatever,  Now if there is nothing connected to the awning, no problemm.

but ifyou have lights strung, and other stuff attached,,,, Major mess (My lights go on a special cloths line that is strung from support to support... it is sold as a cloths line,,, In my case it's a light stringer)

You can get a free-standing screen tent, this is a bit more wind-stable, but more work to assemble, and some places may consider it to be a 2nd camper (charge extra)  I used one of those back in my trailer days and set up over the picnic table, very handy


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Feb 1, 2005
You can add a screen room to your awning, but be sure to well anchor your awning if you can get any winds in your location.  I don't know that any one brand is better than another, you would have to examine them for construction etc.  The only such room I have experience with was custom made for a friend's trailer and it was quite a job to set it up and take it down.  And it has to be stored when not in use.

Our solution to mosquitos is to go where there aren't any ;)
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