New threat to the RV industry?

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Jan 1, 2018
I suspect that the RV factory jobs are already competitive in wages & benefits with an Amazon warehouse, but there will surely be some who prefer the positions that Amazon offers, for one reason or another.

I note that this article is yet another example of media speculation with few facts and little analysis. The writer could have researched local pay scales in RV-related jobs, compared working hours and benefits, etc. but didn't bother. Fear-mongering is indeed an apt description!

Winnebago out of Iowa in my opinion does a great job.


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Jul 2, 2021
Edgewater, fl
I think we have discussed this before. The shutdown took away millions of dollars in direct income for workers and the communities along the way to the gulf. It also took aways the potential of more millions of revenue coming back into this country along with the port jobs on the gulf when we were going to provide energy sources to foreign countries. I witnessed the fuel crunch back decades ago and remember gas lines. Not fun when you are trying to get to work five days a week. Energy independence keeps this country"economy running smoothly.

But along with shutdown, the gas leases were revoked in numerous areas of the country. We are now witnessing the promise of huge increases in winter heating prices. Thats a fact thats come directly from the powers to be. I could go on, but like oldgater says we also know what side of the fence you are on, which unlike what we witness here with the left leaning does not make one necessarily bad. But what I am really not a fan of is the president begging our enemies for more oil. Do you agree with that position?
Couldn’t read the post you were answering because I blocked the sender….but you are 100% right!

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