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Apr 17, 2013
Hello everyone. Just a quick post to say hi and offer a small bit about me (us).

I'm an old codger, new to this board, but been around RV's for over 40-years now. Not a lot I haven't seen, or done, when it comes to most all of them. I've worked on about everything, from Coleman pop-ups to Class 5 Freightshakers, siding to FRP, electrical, gas, brakes...yep, done that too. I worked for a major RV trailer mfg. for about 15 years, and personally prefer the 5th wheels over most other RV's for personal use.

I am also a former US Marine, and have successfully managed to drag the same wife around the world with me on business, and pleasure, for over 26 years. She lets me make the few big decisions, in turn for her making most of the rest of them (drapes, carpet and lanai decor aren't my specialities). We travel North America extensively, I do contract engineering work (often from the RV - sure beats motels), and she usually works accounting or management. Together, we can cause anyone to seek out a beer (or margarita) in those evening hours (I've always said she talked to much - she seems to think the same about me, I think).

We've never claimed to be right - but we haven't been been proven wrong yet (at least too often). We are members to most RV clubs (Good Sams, Passport America , etc.), and usually Winter in the Desert Southwest, and Summer near the Canadian border. Nice looking board, thanks for having us.
Welcom to the forum. Based on your description I hope you'll vist often and offer your experience and opinions often.
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