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One thing that just came to mind, is the hitching, unhitching, connecting and disconnecting the hookups.

Develop a routine for this process. Hooking up is not a big deal, but the un-hookup process is important. When un-hooking all your connections, you don't want to be distracted.

In the early days:

I'd forgotten to take my water pressure regulator off of the site faucet, and had to replace it,

forgotten to plug in the 7 pin connection to my truck,

didn't tighten the anti sway bar,

forgot to fold in the hand hold outside my entry door, caught it on a branch and had to replace it,

didn't properly latch my emergency escape window and spotted it flapping in my rear view mirror,

Dragged my un hooked safety chains down the road.

Forgot to close/latch the bathroom door, which banged around until we got home and found a dent made by the doorknob.

It took me a while to learn that I had to focus on the task at hand to avoid expensive mistakes.

Just my $.02

Safe travels and all the best
I use this. A set routine works for me. From hooking up to my walk around inspection before pulling away. I do it along with my wife so we don’t miss anything. The few times I went alone, I do 2 walk arounds.
I learned my lesson and took the time to develop a sequence that gets repeated every time. It's been a couple of years since I've forgotten anything.. I learn slow but I learn good.. :p

Safe travels and all the best.
Having a set routine is just about the best advice a new camper can be given. I learned back in the boating days, where there is a greater "danger" factor than camping, it's better to be called anal than to go through some of the things outlined in 1stimer's post.

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