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Monkey Business

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Oct 2, 2012
Pleasanton, Texas
My wife and I are new to the forum and new to RV's.  We have moved from "ocean going RV's" (big boats) to motor homes and now own a Winnebago Sprinter.  When we ran into dual wheel problems, we came to the forum and although we haven't yet satisfactorily solved our problem, we received some real good responses which is encouraging.  We live in south Texas and everywhere seems to be a long way from where we are.  We've taken 5-6 short trips and one long one from which we just returned...Savannah and Charleston. 
We are towing a Jeep Wrangler with a Ready Brute tow bar which adds supplemental braking.  So far it has performed great.  I am accustomed to surge braking having used them in combination with electric brakes on a 27' Proline Walk around we have towed all around the Gulf states.
We met some really nice people on our trip and have made new friends.  The RV community has been friendly and helpful and we look forward to more trips.
Thanks to all those who responded to our cry for help with the dual wheels problem. 
Travel save and keep the lights on!
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