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Jul 12, 2006

I'm relatively new to this forum, though I've posted a few replys throughout, I never introduced myself. 
I live in Washington State and have mostly been camping throughout the northwest and southern Canada.
I'm on my third RV unit.  I started with a 1971 Comander Camper and a 3/4 ton pickup.  When my wife and I had kids we upped to a Gulfstream Conquest class C bunk house so that there wouldn't be any of those "she's touching me" issues.  But after several years of climbing up over the cab, my wife said it was time to up grade.  This summer we up graded to a Fleetwood Fiesta class A.  Though we looked at many (my wife liked a particular Featherlight) our budget came into play.  It is a budget level class A, but so far we're very happy with it. Added a couple of options and we were good to go.  I've heard alot of good and bad about most every RV out there, no matter the cost or size.  One thing I've found is that no matter what you own, if you take care of it, it will last a good many years ;).  If you negliect it, it doesn't matter how good it was

Happy Camping...


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Jan 22, 2006
Congratulations on the upgrade and welcome to the forum.  If you've been reading and commenting for a while  you certainly are aware of the vast knowledge and intelligence of the forum members.  You ask and they find the answer.  Wolmetimes it's not what you might want to hear, but it will be on the money,  even different opinions so you can choose for yourself.  Good luck on your recent purchase and happy motoring.


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May 14, 2005
Welcome NWRVer and congratulations on the Fiesta. Feel free to ask any questions or jump in on any discussion. There's lots to learn and lots to contribute here.

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