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Sep 9, 2021
hey Good afternoon,

We are new to the RV world and are looking for a manuel for our 1989 Champion Eurocoach, does anyone know where I can find one?
You most likely will not find one. The best alternative is to Google the make and model of your various appliances and download the manuals for them. That is what most owners manuals were back then. If you know which chassis you have some one may be able to help you get it.
Welcome to the forum
Thank you for the reply and the welcoming. I will find out that information and repost thank you again.
Thank you for the reply and the welcoming. I will find out that information and repost thank you again.
Read the reply above. That will be your best option unless it's more specific to the actual vehicle like wiring.
Hello Everyone I'm Gef and I just purchased a 2000 Tradewinds 36.6 Motorhome and moving from Youngtown AZ to Mississippi. i am looking forward tom the trip and many more to different locations. I am also in need of the Manual since it did not come with one. Hope everyone is having a great day
I am not sure I did this correctly
You did. šŸ˜ Welcome to the forum.

Many RVs don't have a manual that has any information specific to things like the microwave, fridge, water heater etc. It would be useful to list the manufacturer, model and serial number and search for those items individually.

Hope that's useful.

Enjoy the forum.
Hello Everyone I'm Gef ... and moving from Youngtown AZ to Mississippi....

Welcome to the forums.... just curious, what's compelling you to move to Mississippi? We've been spending a LOT of time in Louisiana lately. We even opened a PO box there, but still have our roots in Indiana. I'm camp hosting on a State Park Historic Site as a tour guide. Absolutely love it. Then jumping over to North Carolina for another Camp Host, then back to Indiana for a month, the back to Louisiana for another 3 months again!

So, what's your story? Just curious?

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