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Jan 3, 2019
Hello everyone.  I have a 2014 Minnie Winnebago I bought last Oct.  I've been on a one night trip and getting ready to go to Quartzsite in Feb.  Hope to go full time this summer.  Looking forward to reading all the good info in this forum. 
Welcome to the forum dfyoung

I can promise you there's no shortage of good reading. You will learn a lot and find a few good laughs.

And of course feel free to ask questions if you need to.
Hello and welcome to THE RV FORUM.

You are in for some swell times and Quartzsite will afford you the opportunity to meet some of the other members.

We are a friendly bunch and we enjoy helping each other.  If you don't find what you need in our extensive library just ask.

Participation in our on line discussions is highly recommended as it will give you a chance to make friends with other RV FORUM members and gain additional RV related knowledge.

Welcome aboard!
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