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Aug 26, 2006

We are Richard and Debbie.  I am retired USAF Senior NCO ex Weather Man and Debbie is my sweet young wife.  We are both born Texans but reside in Louisiana on Toledo Bend Lake about 5 miles north of the dam.  I have been RVing since we traveled around following my dad in construction back in the days when we were mostly called trailer trash.  Trailer had no indoor facilities and such but I saw a lot of east Texas and Arkansas and attended a bunch of schools. Retired from the AF in 1983 and became involved in Texas Property Taxes and Real Estate living outside Austin.  Debbie was living in Lake Charles Louisiana when we met and got hitched.  We moved to the lake area in 2001.  I had owned a couple RVs before one permanently on the Texas coast at Rockport.  We now have a 1998 Wanderer 5ver pulled with a Dodge 2500 Cummins crew cab.  We have traveled a lot with our long trip to Alaska last summer for 92 days.  We have not been on the road this summer as we were awaiting grand child number 11 on 11 August.  We both are currently going on 3 years as part time on call employees at Fort Polk helping to train soldiers for duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We portray civilians on the battle field and dress up in the traditional garb and speak no English.  Have learned a little Arabic and a lot about the culture of the Middle East. We are seriously considering selling our place here and hitting the road for cool summers and warm winters.  Don't think we will be into workampimg but more into boondocking and volunteer hosting.  Debbie says she was ready last week but she is the one that kept us here for the new rug rat.


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Jan 29, 2005
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Hi Richard & Debbie,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Please ask any questions you have, join in on any of the ongoing discussions, or start new discussions.  Thanks for joining us.  Looking forward to your participation here.
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