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Jan 26, 2007
I am currently the owner of Passport Media Creations based in Clear Lake Iowa and produce product and training videos specializing in the RV Industry.  We produced the RV Safety Education Foundations RV Safety Kit, Winnebago Industries Regional Training Program, and recently the RV Driving Safety Program.  I also conduct an RV Buyer's Seminar at several AGI shows around the country, most recently in Minneapolis, MN

I joined the forum to learn about some of the challenges RVer's are facing out on the road.  I spent 5 years traveling around the country training dealers and working shows, and now get out "occassionally".  During the development of the recent RV Driving Safety Program, we found some very interesting information regarding driving with propane, road use laws pertaining to different states, and several tips that may be beneficial in this forum. 

I look forward to learning more about the challenges and joys of RVing, and hopefully can provide some beneficial information as well.

thanks for opportunity

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