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Nov 12, 2012
Hi all...Tim and Jan just sold their 5th boat and pick up the new (to us) travel trailer (TT ?) on Thursday...the power boats got too expensive and the sailboat it turned out was going to be exclusively single handed..which I do pretty often but don't want to do exclusively.  Maybe a year down the road (literally) we will be looking at a trawler to live on for 4-5 months in the summer and Fall.

We decided on a nice used 24' and will be towing with a who knows where.  The boats have always been "camping" all over the Columbia River..Portland to Ocean, Puget Sound, San Juans, Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast of BC.  We have spent 10 months doing Europe in a VW van (1974) (2 nights inside a hotel during the whole time) and about 5 cross country, up to Alaska, through Mexico etc "camping" trips in a converted Suburban between 78 and towing around a house will be new in some respects but not others...Jan is a great cook on campfires and one burner she gets 3 and an oven..(PS I cook too but she loves it and is great at it.)

Hope to not step on any "rules" of the forum...spent many years on boating forums so likely will do ok here...but if I do ask what has already been discussed thanks in advance for pointing me to the thread that is most relevant.

PS: Coolchange comes from the first boat with a name (Coolchange) and I used that on my first boat forum (Bayliner owners) and since that whenever I can...not because I am a con aritist.

Lots to learn so I must be getting on to reading the forum...thanks for making this possible.
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