New travel trailer buying tips needed

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Mar 13, 2013
We are buying our first travel trailer. What kind of mark up exists and what should we offer on a typical $30k travel trailer? What other items should we ask for or will we need? Vents covers, tire covers, hoses, etc.??

Decided more info is needed. This will be our first camper but we have plenty of friends with them. We usually tent camp with them. We are big boaters and because we tow a 27' boat we have a 2011 GMC 2500HD diesel short bed truck. I'm thinking travel trailer for now as our last two children at home are 14 & 16. Wife thinks we need a bunk house for kids but I tend to think not. They can sleep on pull outs, etc. wife loves outdoor kitchens and I can take or leave them. This will be hopefully something we use until last two kids are off to college and I retire in 4 years. All suggestions are appreciated. In four years after retirement we will probably go 5th wheel or motor home and travel.  We are still young, 47 and 41 and hope to have many years of travel and camping ahead of us. We are big outdoor people. Hike, bike, boat, we love it all.. Thanks guys for all the help!
Typically nre RV should be discounted 25-30%.  But as a first time buyer, there is no way in heck i would consider a new RV.  Buy used.  Save tons of money on a depreciating asset.  Find a decent trailer about 5-7 years old as your first trailer.  If you decide that the life atyle is not for you, selling it should be easy and your cash loss will be minimal.  If you decide that you enjoy it, in a year or two after you have figurd out your liks and dislikes, go shopping for another trailer.
I agree with Donn. It is very hard to get the right one the first time out. If you decide in two years there are features you would like, or ones you dont like, you are going to lose about 30% or more selling the trailer. They say they depreciate 50% in 5 years, which is still basically new in rvs. Buy one for half price and use the money for travelling. You will see other trailers as you camp, and after a few years you will know exactly what you like and dont like. Happy trails.
I am with the crowd there are some great deals out there. Save some money get some experience and you will be better situated to by the next one. Ask your friends you camp with what they like and don?t like. While we are on that subject if your wife likes an outside kitchen YOU like it to.
Also, be careful with believing "list price", dealers of trailers often make up their own so they hve more room to discount!

Well I did it. Purchased a new Flagstaff 831FKBSS. We take delivery on April 1st. Can't wait!
Great choice! We were also going to purchase a similar model in a Rockwood before we decided on a motor home. Your GMC should pull that no problem.
Enjoy the heck out of it! ;D
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