New Truck.... Changing LDH Set up

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Jul 6, 2016
western NY
I am going from a 2015 Ram 1500 Quad 4x4 to a 2019 Big Horn 1500 Crew 4x4. I tow a TT 26 ft at 6000-6500 lbs. My LHD is a Centerline sized for a 600-800 lb hitch wt.  What is the consensus? Will I need to return to my trailer shop to get it adjusted? Its two hours away.
All depends if your hitch height changed  ::)  Too hard to speculate.  You could take a tape measure to the rear end of the new and old truck.  Simply measure to same point on hitch receiver on both trucks.  An inch this way or that, probably ok.  6" difference, probably need to have re-adjusted.  The new truck will be a bit more stiff. 
Odds are some adjustment will be wise, even if not absolutely necessary.  Hitch height is one variant, and the amount of weight distribution needed is another. It may be that you will simply use more or less tension on the spring bars when you hook up, but it could also mean changes to the ball mount height or angle.  Any good hitch shop could do it, though too often they just set it by guesswork rather than the procedure defined for the WD hitch.

You can easily do it yourself, or get a friend or local shop to assist. The instructions for the Centerline WD hitch are simple and include pictures and detailed explanations. Anybody with basic hand tools and a modicum of mechanical skill can do it, so there should be no need to drive two hours to a shop that may or may not have any better hitch skills than the guy next door. Download this manual and follow the instructions to measure and adjust.
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