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Apr 29, 2006
I am on information overload.  :)

I am looking at purchasing a RV early next year to take a long trip in and I have been studying up on issues that might arise and what I might want to get.

It would be just me so I am leaning toward a class C.  I have nothing tying me down right now and I want to get out and see the country and what better way than in an RV right.  I got to camp as a kid in our families TT and I have nothing but fond memories.  I only hope I can make more of those great memories as time goes on.  Please forgive the dumb questions I might ask as I know they will come.  :)  I am trying to read everything I can get my hands on but sometimes my head spins.

Anyway, great site and hopefully one day soon I'll see you on the road.


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Mar 3, 2005
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Welcome to the RV Forum!
You've got a lot of decisions to make and planning to do in the next several months. A class C will allow you to drive just one multi-purpose vehicle to serve as a home and a driver for those daily or weekly chores, while a class A may give you extra living room, but require a seperate toad to get you around town. Size does matter, and a smaller class A might just do the trick for both jobs, but that might require more setting up/tearing down, or less frequent trips to the Seven-Eleven. Which ever way you choose to go, there are many people here who can guide you, once you've made your choice. Ask LOTS of questions here before you buy to help you get the rig that is right for you. Salesmen can and will provide all the answers too, but remember that we speak from experience; the salesman speaks from his wallet ;D   

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Feb 2, 2005
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If you are thinking 26 feet or more in length, I would suggest a Class A over a Class C. In general you will get more living space, more storage underneath and in many cases a more capable chassis and transmission.  That's because a Class A is built on a medium truck chassis whereas all but the largest C's utilize a cutaway van chassis.

For one person, you may be thinking more along the lines of 21-24 feet and there are some really nice Class C's in that range. Certainly that size make sit more practical to drive it into town for sightseeing or routine shopping.  Disconnecting everything at the campground for a daily outing is a nuisance, though.

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