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Oct 10, 2006

I'm not actually into RVin' yet - bought a '94 29' Avion from my neighbor to set up as a "guest house" for the lady keeping an eye on 96 y.o. MIL when we're gone.  Had a friend hook up and move the 5w into place and an ex-student came over to help get 'er leveled. 

So, I'm the neophyte of neophytes.  Gonna learn though. 

Someday the 5w will get its rubber on the road, as I've got an '06 2500HD Duramax just chompin' at the bit to get in the game!  Will surely partake of all the wisdom and experience hereabouts, and someday hope to be an RVVet.  Grandkids in OK are beaconing, they are.

For now, I need all the help I can get making sure the Avion is set and available for comfortable living in the relatively mild winters we have here in the Four Corners region of NM. 

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