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Jan 21, 2013
After searching for a motorhome, we finally found one last fall. We found a 98 Itasca Sundancer 431 WQ. My DW and I spent a 2 weekends cleaning it up the best we could since it was late fall when we bought the motorhome. Then we had it steamed cleaned as the previous owner had pets and we wanted it cleaner than we could do. Then the weather turned cold so the coach was weatherized and put into storage for the winter. Now we are looking forward to go camping this year. Come on Spring. Does any one out there have any suggestions or pointers about this model of motorhome. Any thing would be helpful.
Welcome aboard folks. Winnebago builds a good coach, and has all there electrical diagrams, etc, available on line. You can also ask questions on the Winnebago specific forum here. Enjoy.
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