Nice portable wifi backup camera

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Broke Boater

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Nov 16, 2017
Brentwood, Northern Kookafonia
I wanted this back up camera for awhile and decided to spend some gift certificates to get one. So far it has been a pretty great little unit. I needed one to be portable to move around depending on what we were hooking up. My truck doesn't have a factory  BU camera, and if it did, it would be useless with the camper on. It has a 8hour battery life, it has wifi and connects easily to my phone. I tested the  wifi to about 60' away from the camera with the camera sitting on the bumper of the camper. Signal was good with the camper between me and the camera, never did go farther away to see its limit. It has a magnetic base that works really good keeping it in place, it won't blow off driving. The night vision is pretty impressive for a such a small unit. Construction is really good, steel housing and powder coated. It comes with usb charging cord and a long harness to wire to a 12v power supply if so desired. My uses are to back up to the boats with camper on or off. Also to see the small cargo trailer when we take the Harley on trips with the camper on, nice when backing up since the camper completely blocks the small trailer. My wife likes it to see the goose neck ball in the bed of the truck hooking up the horse trailer. You cant see the ball in the bed because of the rear seat in our Crew Cab Ram blocking our line of sight. She sticks the camera on the bed rail under the rear window. Once hooked up, she places the camera in the horse trailer to monitor the horses traveling. If she is hauling a young horse by its self, she leaves it loose in our 4 horse trailer, vs a grown horse locked in one of the stalls. I like that we can see it on the camera so we don't make those " we need to pull over and check on the baby " stops. uhhh, I hate hauling young horses on a trip, seems like we are always stopping, at least to me.,,, OK rant over,,,lol. The cons are the wifi is about 1/2 second delayed, so hooking up to a ball I need to give that extra 1/2 second to get in position. It looks  expensive and someone might go to the extra effort to grab it if you left out in reach, but its only a magnetic so its easy to throw in your rig if you stopped at a restaurant r something like that. We have a few different combinations that we tow, so this works for us, but if its something you been thinking about, I give it a solid 4 stars, it would be 5 without the wifi delay,,,Gregg
Swift Hitch SH04 portable Wi-Fi camera is really a good one. I would have purchased this camera but I've already bought 4UCAM WiFi Backup Camera.

Purchased this for our 2013 Toyota Tundra. Easy to install. I ended up wiring this to the license plate light which made the install easy and I didn't have to remove the brake light assembly.
I wired mine to be on all the time. Now I can see cars tailgating me that might decide to pass when I change lanes. Biggest safety feature you can add.
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