no power in ttrailer

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Oct 24, 2012
We have our trailer out in the middle of nowhere, but do have power. Last time we were leaving, I was pulling in the slide out and the power to the entire trailer kicked. I didn't know my husband had the golf cart charger plugged in, along with the ac on. We checked the breakers,the fuses, breakers at main breaker box, GFCI and nothing. The slide out only came in about half way before it stopped. I did notice the only thing on was the micro display but it did not work. My husband didnt have his electrical tester, so we will bring that back with us. But there is no cell service or internet out there for 40 miles, so I need help now before we go out there. I am bringing new breakers,new fuses, a new rv power plug, ..anything else I should consider. Could we have melted the RV plug?


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Feb 1, 2005
The slideout is powered by the 12V system, so if it stopped when the 120V went out, I would check the battery.  It sounds like the converter and/or the charger was supplying all the 12V power to the trailer.  If the microwave oven had a lit display, then it was getting 120VAC.
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