Noisey entry door-99 Allegro Bus-Freightliner chassis

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Jan 3, 2007
I'm hoping to hear from somebody with the same experience as mine...My 99 32 Allegro Bus front passenger side entry door "whistles and shrills" and makes a bunch of wind noise when traveling in a certain direction (don't ask me what direction)while driving over doesn't make the noise all the time but when it does it makes a racket. I recently purchased this bus so I can't give you much history...I see what looks like 3" wide foam (worn) weatherstripping going around the door jamb...some areas missing...looks sloppy for factory..anyone have a solution for this?  :-\

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At our Silver Springs FL home
Wind noise in the entry door is the plague of motorhomes.  New weatherstripping will likely help, as may adjusting the door strike so that it closes tightly. You might also contact Tiffin (Allegro) in Red Bay, AL and ask for their advice. Better yet, take it there to get it fixed. Tiffin has terrific customer service.
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