Norcold 18cf.

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Feb 2, 2019
Have a 2015 Dutchman,  the 18cf norcold refrigerator will not keep ice cream frozen. Any thoughts?



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Sep 28, 2018
Welcome to the RV forum Matt.

Has it kept the ice cream frozen in the past?

If you have a temp bulb in the refrigerator ( hanging on the fins) you may be able to adjust it up or down to adj the temperature.


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Sep 19, 2018
That's a common complaint by some owners about their RV refrigerators. The RV units use a different technology than residential refrigerators (RR). In fact, a number of RV manufacturers are now putting residential refrigerators in new RVs. The advantage of the RV refrigerator is that it can operate on either shore power or propane. The disadvantages are that it uses more electricity than a similar RR, is less efficient, costs much more, and the unit has to be level to operate at it's best.

I'm a bit hesitant to add that the chemicals used in an RV unit are extremely volatile. In rare instances, a leaking of those chemical can result in an intense catastrophic fire. But, given how many RV refrigerators are in service in the U.S. the danger of a fire is relatively low. I have an RV refrigerator in my TT and don't have any serious fear about using it. However, for efficiency reasons, I plan to replace mine with an RR this spring and modify my TT with an inverter so I can power it with either shore power or the house batteries.

I'm not suggesting you go with an RR. I'm sure some owners have found some tricks to address your soft ice cream problem.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Ice cream can be a challenge for RV absorption fridges. They have to be workingat their best to keep ice cream nicely solid, i.e. temps consistently  under 10 F and 0 F is much better.  Start by monitoring your freezer temperatures, and not just in one spot. RV fridges are notoriously uneven in temperature distribution.
There are a variety of possible reasons why the fridge may not be performing at its best, many of them stemming from sloppy installation at the factory or simply because the floor plan layout places it in a slide-out, where ventilation for the cooling unit is poor.  The PolarMax 18 needs to move a LOT of air through the backside to work well.
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