Norcold 6052 Refrigerator Not Working on LP

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Nov 22, 2018
Hi, all. I have a 1996 Thor Prism TT with a Norcold 6052 2-way fridge. Had worked great in both modes until the installation of my solar panel power system about a month ago. After that, will only work on AC; and on the "eyebrow" control panel, the AC light glows so dimly now, I can barely see it.

It's entirely possible that the change in operation has nothing to do with the solar install and that was only a coincidence, because at the same time, I started boondocking out in the desert where the ride is very bumpy. Something may have jarred loose. I already tried blowing out the burner with compressed air, in case some rust fell into it from the stack, but nothing changed.

Right now, I'm betting it's the thermocouple, but have also heard it could be a glass fuse on the control board, clogged gas line/valve, or a bad eyebrow. The latter wouldn't surprise me, because the switch -- which slides back and forth horizontally -- has always operated really hard, i.e. it's been difficult to slide it back and forth, and to find the exact position for Auto (AC) / Check / LP.

I can say for a fact that there is no flame whatsoever in the burner. Any ideas?

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Not working covers a lot of territory.  Does it try to light (DSI sparker does its thing)?  Light and then goes out?  Burner lights but no cooling? Help us out here.

When people mention the fridge thermocouple, they are usually talking about the one inside on the cooling fins. That is NOT the problem is it works in AC mode. Do you mean the LP flame sensor?  That's physically the same as the DSI sparker.  If the gas burner lights but then gets shut down after 10-20 seconds, it could be the flame sensor is not reporting a successful ignition.

The weak light on the eyebrow panel suggests low DC voltage or a poor connection between the main board and the eyebrow panel.  Definitely not a blown fuse on the board, cause there would be no lights at all if that's the case. There are usually two fuss on the board, one for the 120vac power to the heater element (AC mode) and one for 12vdc power that operates the board, the eyebrow panel and the interior light. Pretty easy to tell if its blown or not.

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